In the spirit of the season here's ole' yellow teeth! I don't think there is anything in the world more offensive than a politician grinning from ear to ear.





I spend a lot of time lately looking at Jack Kirby's comics. There is something about them that makes my brain start to work abnormally. I think there are two things about his art that that really make me go nuts.

1) His work is insanely confident. Regardless of how dumb or corny or illogical the story is there is absolute confidence in his line. Even if that line makes a face look totally retarded there is no doubt that Kirby intended that line to be there. That kind of confidence is rare and beautiful.

2) His work seems to be almost completely symbolic. When he draws a gun, it's not a gun it's THE gun. It's the one true gun in it's Platonic Form. It's even more amazing because he might draw it differently in every single frame but it's always that one true gun.

When I read his stories my brain works differently. I get into a weird mode that is part reading and part day-dreaming. It's can get so crazy that when I got to this panel it scared the crap out of me.

Total insanity!