I did this today over at the Ubiquitous Bee. It's still wet so be careful. It's oil on watercolor paper and it's 12 x 18 inches. Here's some a detail so you can peep the wickid brush werk!


In the spirit of the season here's ole' yellow teeth! I don't think there is anything in the world more offensive than a politician grinning from ear to ear.





I spend a lot of time lately looking at Jack Kirby's comics. There is something about them that makes my brain start to work abnormally. I think there are two things about his art that that really make me go nuts.

1) His work is insanely confident. Regardless of how dumb or corny or illogical the story is there is absolute confidence in his line. Even if that line makes a face look totally retarded there is no doubt that Kirby intended that line to be there. That kind of confidence is rare and beautiful.

2) His work seems to be almost completely symbolic. When he draws a gun, it's not a gun it's THE gun. It's the one true gun in it's Platonic Form. It's even more amazing because he might draw it differently in every single frame but it's always that one true gun.

When I read his stories my brain works differently. I get into a weird mode that is part reading and part day-dreaming. It's can get so crazy that when I got to this panel it scared the crap out of me.

Total insanity!



The desert is covered, every inch of it, with life. If we call it barren it's only because it's barren of people. In all other respects it is a lush landscape.


OMG! The silhouettes of Milton Caniff are so freaking awesome. He obviously knew how good these panels were because he put his signature right in the middle of them. More info on Wikipedia and on comiclopedia


More studies of the "Naturalist" persuasion. Will their strange and savage lifestyle ever be accepted in the larger culture? Only time will tell.



Here are some quickies from this mornings life drawing session:



Go! Go! Magma!

Analog + Digital:

Analog + Digital + a little more time:
I've spent a lot of time lately waiting for my computer to do things for me. While I wait, I tend to doodle on post-it notes. Here are some recent winners:


OMG!! Look out He-Man! Skeletor is lurking over by those rocks!!! And it looks like he's holding a dangerous stick!


Introducing the greatest character design since Cathy.


Here's a new Bat-Man colored in PhotoShop:

And here are some old ones:


I just started a new sketchbook. Here are the first three pages - a little Wolverine, a little Frankenstein's Monster and a dude falling on his butt.

And look out! It's Black Bolt and he's been colored in PhotoShop!


Joshua Tree National Forest is one of the coolest places in the world. It's also one of the hottest, I guess. Here are some real long night exposures.

Big Pee-Wee finish! These dinosaurs have been converted to museums dedicated to disproving the Theory of Evolution.