WonderCon 2011

Hi everyone. I'm going to be attending Wonder Con next weekend (April 1-3) in San Francisco. I have never been to this particular convention but I am told that it's really nice. I'm mostly going to be loitering and lousing up the joint with the following exceptions:

Friday @ 3:00 I'll be sitting in on the Dark Horse Panel in room 103
Saturday @ 1:00 I'll be signing at the Dark Horse Booth
Saturday @ 5:00 I'll be sitting in on the Oni Press Panel in room 254/256
Saturday @ 6:15 I'll be signing at the Oni Press booth.
Sunday @ 2:00 I'll be signing at the Oni Press booth again!

So if you are in the area and want to say hi this will be a great time to do it. Here's a map!



They just posted an interview I did for Newsarama. It looks exactly like this. And Comics Alliance believes that I am "beyond capable". That's pretty nice.



Hey everybody! Guess what I get to do!

Most of you probably already know that I'm going to be taking over art duties for BPRD: Hell on Earth. This is an amazing opportunity and I amazed and honored that Mike Mignola, John Arcudi and Scott Allie are giving me the chance to work with them. So stay tuned, hopefully I'll have a tons of neat stuff to show going forward.

You can read more about it at Comic Book Resources and the Dark Horse Blog.