BPRD time lapsin'


Luke Zwanziger said...

Thanks for this video! I was at ECCC when they announced it. Congrats on stepping into the big leagues! I'm excited to see what your style brings to the stories!

JerRocks2day said...

This is great stuff. :D I'm glad I found out about you!

What kind of ink and brush do you use?

Mr. Crook said...

Thanks guys!

I just started using Sumi Ink - the kind that comes in the green bottle. And I've been using a Brush from Rosmary & Co. lately. I think it's size 3 Kolinsky Sable. You gotta be careful with that question because often the answer is pretty meaningless. Here's a ton of great info on choosing and using brushes: http://comictool.blogspot.com/search/label/brushes