Gary Friedrich, the creator of Ghost Rider

As you may know Gary Friedrich, the creator of Ghost Rider, was trying to get the rights to his creation back. Marvel counter-sued and won. Now Mr. Friedrich is being forced to pay Marvel $17,000 and has been told that he can no longer claim to be the creator of Ghost Rider effectively cutting off the last small amount of income that he had left. You can read more about it HERE. Neal Adams makes some good points about it HERE.

I think this is gross. So to try and counteract the grossness, I'm going to help out too. I already donated a few bucks via Steve Niles' web page and I bought an original page from Brando Graham because all proceeds go to help Mr. Friedrich (and Brandon's pages are amazing!!).

So anyway,

For the next week(2/13/2012 until 2/20/2012) Cadence Comic Art and I will also be donating 100% of the proceeds from my original art sales (minus shipping and paypal fees) to the cause as well. Click on the logo below and pick a page to help someone in need.

You can also donate money directly through Steve Niles web page or you can bid on other original art from Neal Adams and Mike Mignola and Eric Powell.