Long Beach Comic Con 2010

Just a friendly reminder: I'll be at the Long Beach Comic Con this weekend (Oct 29-31). I'm sharing table #1212 (Though its listed on the site as 2002) with the amazingly talented Robbie Rodriguez. And this is what I'll be selling. I think I'm going to bring along some original water colors for sale too.


Long Beach Comic Con 2010

Well, hello there! I'm going to be at the Long Beach Comic Con from Oct. 29th - 31st. I'm sharing table #1212 with the amazingly talented Robbi Rodriguez!

I'll have some post cards and a sketchbook for sale (I'll post some pictures soon). I'll also have some original pages for Petrograd to show off. You might even get to see the page below! So drop by if you are in the area and check out the show and say hi!