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awesome horse~

i'm trying to learn better brush control with ink--do you know of any comic artists who rock really hard with that that i can study from?

Mr. Crook said...

There are a lot of great comic artists that use a brush to ink. In fact, I think almost all inkers use a brush at least part of the time.

But there are a few dudes that really stick out for me. The first guy on my list is Milton Caniff. He is often given credit for popularizing the use of a brush to ink comics. He is also amazing when it comes to staging and panel composition.

Harvey Kurtzman is another guy that really blows me away with his inking. His work is loose and cartoony but he brings a nice graphic quality to his work that I find very appealing.

The old Blueberry comics that Moebius did are also quite stunning. Sometimes it's hard to believe that he manages to get the quality of lines that he does using a brush. His more recent work doesn't have the same inking quality. In fact, Blueberry was the inspiration for the horse I posted.

Then, of course there are dudes like Paul Pope (his work got me started using a brush) and Nathan Fox who are just killing it with their brush work.

I hope that helps.

- said...

thanks for the help, a lot of cool artists! *__*

Guybell said...

Nice work. Do you sometimes use a brush pen in addition to sable?

Mr. Crook said...

Yes I do but mostly just for my sketchbook. In fact, I just got a Pentel Pocket Brush that I'm totally in love with. I had been using the regular Pentel Brush Pens but they use water-based inks and always end up being really messy for me. The Pocket Brush uses permanent ink that seems to be water proof. I'm pretty sure I used my Pentel Pocket Brush for this particular drawing.

I like the convenience of brush pens but I feel like a real sable brush dipped in ink is much more versatile. So that's what I use for my comic book pages.

Guybell said...

Glad to hear you say that. I just ordered a Pentel Pocket brush pen to tighten up inks after pencil is erased. I've been using a Raphael 8404 # 3 and FW ink mainly.