B.P.R.D. Russia #5

A.) Layout
B.) Rough blue pencil
C.) "Tight" pencils
D.) Ink

Colors by Dave Stewart, Lettering by Clem Robins.


Drew said...

Always a cool thing to see, no matter how minimal the process steps are.

I just wanted to say that I found your blog through some links a while back, and I loved your work so much that I'm now trying to work backwards on picking up some BPRD issues I've missed since you started it...which is a lot, since it's been a while since I cracked open BPRD. Anyway, great stuff!

Mister Tyler Crook said...

Thanks Drew! Since I started BPRD I've been kinda neglecting this poor blog. We'll see if I can turn it around. Maybe I'll do a post soon about the tools that I use. That'd be fun